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Here, you’ll find most of my work as an artist, photographer and designer. I’m also adding older works to the archive, which will be an ongoing process due to the sheer numbers. Latest on the menu is my first coloring book:

Bluebell Woods by Laura Rafferty

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I’ve been busy creating new pages and offering them up on Etsy! Check out one of my latest favorites!

Seacorn Sorceress
“Seacorn Sorceress”
In the shallows of the tropics lives a tiny but powerful mermaid sorceress. She draws upon the delicate strength of the Seacorn, a rare magical seahorse unicorn, to perform her protective magic around the reefs to prevent coral bleaching and pollution from wiping out her mermaid family and her friends the Seacorns. She does this with a combination of powerful magic and elbow grease: she buries the pollution to prevent sea life from getting trapped, and cleans and purifies and gently maintains the water surrounding her pod and the Seacorn kingdom with her magical spells. In this way, the Seacorn might escape extinction with her gentle help.

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Laura Rafferty, Artist, Designer and Developer

About Laura Rafferty

I’m an artist who loves to collaborate.

I’m an award-winning artist with over 25 years experience in painting, drawing, sculpture, costume design, graphic design, web design, and much more. But now I know where my heart is.

In the summer of 2017, I colored for the first time in my entire life, thanks to my little sister. She gave me my first coloring book and when I needed to relax, (Lost Ocean by Johanna Basford) I pulled it out and started coloring. It immediately put me at peace, and allowed me to slowly unravel and make sense of my messy life at that moment.

I believe that coloring books are a useful tool for people of all skills to enjoy art in a relaxing, meditative way – free from the concerns of creating a compelling design. Just grab your colors and bring the page to life! What a joy! In today’s stressful, mixed-up world, with so many unpredictable events happening – I truly feel that coloring is a way for people to regain control of their own world and allow creative expression without rules. Coloring is a safe, sacred space for anyone – young, old, meticulous and messy – ANYONE to enjoy art. And I believe every colorist is just as important as the illustrator in this collaborative journey we walk together.

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