Art Deco Circus Wedding Poster

Here’s where I’m having some real fun doing design/painting work. I just finished an Art Deco Circus Wedding Poster and I think it turned out pretty decent!

Art Deco Circus Wedding Poster


Art Direction: Josh and Monique L.
Copy: Josh and Monique L.
Design: Laura Rafferty
Production Prep: Laura Rafferty
Inspiration: Alphonse Mucha

Additional Printed Pieces:

We didn’t just do a poster for the wedding! Here’s the other pieces:


Beer Labels
Beer Label

Brewery Poster
Art Deco Circus Brewery Poster


So, I admit I like to create symbolic imagery to create a story in one painting. In this case, I tried to weave what I could while working with the theme and style request.

(Intentional) Symbolic Meanings:
Elephant Baby = Lucky wishes for healthy babies
Two hearts near the top; one in the center below = Two hearts become one
Chris’ Stripes are Horizontal = Steadfast
Caroline Wears White = Wedding Day
Flowers in Hair = Fertility (traditional meaning); Inner Beauty
Sunburst Element = Day in the spotlight
Tent in Background = Home; Family is with you on your day
Rolled up Pant Legs = Get ready to do some work!
Muted Purple-Blue/Gold Color Palette = Complimentary and contrasting colors that work harmoniously together, like a good marraige
White Paw (for the brewery ones) = Provided name; but I thought Caroline could represent White in her deco garb; and Chris could represent Paw for his slightly exaggerated bare feet and hands.

Project Backstory and Process:

My friends and family occasionally cook up (har har) projects for me to do, and here’s one of my latest favorites. Monique’s sister in law is getting married! I met Mo during my first (and only, for me) year of Art School. For the wedding reception, I was asked to create a few posters, beer labels, and coasters.

Josh – Monique’s hubby – likes brewing his own home beer. These labels will be for the special wedding brew titled “A Little Beer”.

So the request was: art deco style, circus strongman and pretty lady being lifted. After a bit of initial back and forth about ideas, I started out the process with a few quick sketches that could get the discussion going (luckily, Monique knows how I work, so I’m not afraid to show her the messy quick initial stuff, which is great, and such a time-saver!)

They chose to mix and match (I encourage any input at this stage).

Then, I refined the sketch with a more fleshed out layout, and got the approval for the likenesses (since I had never met Chris, I wanted a check).


Then, we went through just two more rounds of changes to get the final products above. Did it fairly quickly, too – the painting and final layouts were done in about 6 hours total for all pieces.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you think in the comments below!