Beauty Supplies Catalog Photo Shoot

For the Beauty and Barber supply account, we also redid their entire print catalog. Mike handled the catalog design while I took all the new photography – including some hairstylist aprons and capes that required a model.

The other models in the catalog had an everyday look – so I hired my little sister for this one, and she was a natural – I didn’t need to give her much direction. Her photos fit in with the others very well and the items she wore sold out of stock in just 6 weeks.

After the shoot was over, but before I broke down the set, I also took her head shot (below) – this was her first job as a professional model, and she did very well in front of the camera.


Account Administration: Howard Greenberg
Photography: Laura Rafferty
Photo Retouching: Laura Rafferty
Model: Emily Rafferty
Makeup & Styling: Emily Rafferty