Bluebell Woods Coloring Book

A coloring book for artists of all ages and skill levels! For lovers of magic and mystery, I present my Bluebell Woods Coloring Book.

Click on the link above to visit the kickstarter campaign where it all started. The community backed and funded this project to make it possible, and I thank each and every pledge! You guys are awesome!

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Bluebell Woods Coloring Book Pages

Here’s the pages as they’ve been released so far – more to come all throughout November! Page order is subject to change without notice.
Bluebell Woods Coloring Book - Mushroom Hut
Page 2. Mushroom Hut There’s not a huge story behind this drawing… I’ve done these mushroom house doodles my entire life, and couldn’t resist adding one to this book. I hope you enjoy!

Bluebell Woods - Mystical Portrait
Page 3. Mystical Portrait Fae from far and wide come to enjoy the blooming of the bluebells. Here’s a mystical elf from the Dragon Sanctuary, come to enjoy in the revelry of Bluebell Bash. She’s fashioned a crown of bluebells for the occasion.
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Bluebell Woods Coloring Book - Faetunes
Page 4. Faetunes at Bluebell Bash Every year, Bluebell Woods celebrates the week of blooming, and many of the festivities include music, but especially the Bluebell Bash. Fae folk from far and wide travel to join in on the dancing, food, and smooching in the bluebells. Here we have Sylva the bard with her lute, Dahlu on the pipes, and Bas the singer. Belli provides the bell-beat. The rest of the beat comes from the stomping and clapping from the crowd.

Bluebell Woods Coloring Book - Snail and Mushies
Page 6. Snail and Mushies Every year as the bluebells open up, all creatures big and small rejoice and enjoy the wonder of the blooming time. Here we have Jax the snail pondering on the loveliness of a bluebell plant from his lofty perch on a tree fungus.

More about Jax here!

Bluebell Woods Coloring Book - Bellmae and the Bluejay
Page 7. Bellmae and the Bluejay This is Bellmae the Fae with a magical bluebell gifted from Jack the Jay. Each year, Bellmae brings this magical bluebell to the queen of the wood elves, where it is harvested and added to the mystical pool of light – a reserve of magic for special occasions.

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Bluebell Woods Coloring Book - Gisela the Scout
Page 8. Gisela the Scout Here’s Gisela, a leaf surfer and quick responder. If trouble approaches Bluebell Woods, she sounds the alarm from her treetop perch. Her favorite pastime is to surf the colorful fall leaves and ride the maple in the wind.

Bluebell Woods - Bellie the Fairy
Page 10. Bellie the Fairy Here’s Bellie, a naturally curious and sweet fairy. Bluebell Bash is her favorite event of the year, and she often finds herself daydreaming of who she will dance with each year when the day approaches.

Bluebell Woods - Queen Azza
Page 11. Queen Azza Here’s Queen Azza, the tallest, most regal of all the tree nymphs, standing before the entrance to her bonded tree. While she may be able to wander from her tree, it makes her uncomfortable to do so, and the farther from her home she goes, the weaker her power becomes.

Bluebell Woods - Dragon Baby
Page 12. Dragon Baby This dragon baby was hatched inside the Bluebell Woods Hatchery – an old hollowed out tree which keeps things warm and toasty for the baby dragons. This is a place where dragons without parents end up to hatch; and get hand-fed for a scant three days before they are released into the wild to fend for themselves in the Dragon Sanctuary, a four day’s journey by Gryphon flight.

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Bluebell Woods - The Bluebell Inn
Page 13. The Bluebell Inn Here’s Rosa the gypsy elf, on her way through the Bluebell Woods. She’s the last of her troupe to file into the Inn after a long journey by foot. Rarely will gypsies from her band stay at a proper Inn, usually preferring to camp outside. However, it’s well known that the proprieter, Brynna, is a fae herself and welcomes all peaceful folk into her rooms for a bit of rest… and her beds are the cushiest, most comfy in the land!

Bluebell Woods - Maja and Zero
Page 14. Maja and Zero Here is Maja the beast tamer, riding Zero the Pegasus, on a big hurry to save a village from an enraged Gryphon. Maja is an elf with the ability to soothe and put any animals to sleep, and she serves the fae community by traveling wherever needed to help with potential disasters. She knows that most beasts are simply misunderstood, and has the ability to communicate with them and resolve the issue they face. Zero is the fastest Pegasus of all time, and is named so because he takes zero time to arrive. Thank you to @coloringmaja on instagram – drawing you for my book was a pleasure!

Bluebell Woods Coloring Book - Cornidoggies
Page 17. Cornidoggies These faithful friends of the fae folk are pups with horns – a magical, loyal companion who measures no larger than a raspberry. Their favorite time of the year is the bluebell blooming, when the magic of the bluebells give them extra speed and agility for lots of puppy pranks!

Bluebell Woods - Rozena the Waterfall Fae
Page 19. Rozena the Waterfall Fae Here’s Rozena, taking a break by a waterfall in Bluebell Woods. She loves the waterfall here for its steady flow and strong current, and gains energy from being within its misty presence.

Bluebell Woods Coloring Book - Cindy and the Dragon
Page 20. Cindy and the Dragon Here’s warrior fairy Cindy, ready to do in this belligerent dragon with her mystical sword of sleeping. All she needs to do is give him a good stab in the eye and he’s passed out, ready for the giants to cart him back to the Dragon Sanctuary.

Bluebell Woods Coloring Book - Cherry Blossom Bluebells
Page 25. Cherry Blossom Bluebells Description coming soon.

Bluebell Woods Coloring Book - Verdita the Flower Fairy
Page 29. Verdita the Flower Fairy Here’s Verdita, a fairy specializing in helping promote blooming energy in plants. She uses her specialized magic to create extraordinary growth and flowering in the spring – helping small flowers grow strong for the rest of the year. She coaxes the plants with a special song that only those with chlorophyll can hear… and inspires any greenery into vigorous new life after the harsh winter.

Bluebell Woods - Bug Fae
Page 34. Betty the Bug Fae Description coming soon.

Bluebell Woods Coloring Book - Campanula the Messenger Beetle
Page 35. Campanula the Messenger Beetle Here’s Campanula the Messenger Beetle, and his companion, Bruk the Messenger. They’re flying past the creekside fairy restaurant on their way to the mystical palace of light with an urgent message. This is the quickest, easiest way to travel for those fae folk who are not winged: messenger beetles are hardy to wind and weather, fast in flight, and wonderfully affectionate to their riders.

About Bluebell Woods Coloring Book

There’s realistic fantasy drawings, whimsical cartoony drawings… heavy linework and ballpoint pen linework… a nice variety to suit anyone’s taste. There are portraits, scenery… all with a magical touch and most with the bluebell theme. Most went through 3 to 5 revisions before I was satisfied with the quality of the linework. Each page is made with love.

Why Coloring?

Recently, I colored for the first time in my entire life, thanks to my little sister. She gave me my first coloring book and when I needed to relax, I pulled it out and started coloring. It immediately put me at peace, and allowed me to slowly unravel my messy life.

I believe that coloring books are a useful tool for people of all skills to enjoy art in a relaxing, meditative way – free from the concerns of creating a compelling design. Just grab your colors and bring the page to life!

In today’s stressful, mixed-up world, with so many unpredictable and scary events happening – I truly feel that coloring is a way for people to regain control of their own world and allow creative expression without rules. Coloring is a safe, sacred space for anyone – young, old, meticulous and messy – ANYONE to enjoy art.

The collaborative nature of coloring books is also fascinating to me. As a colorist – I enjoy flipping through my coloring books until a page speaks to my current mood. I choose my pages based solely on how I feel at the moment. Then I enjoy creating a whole world in that page, inspired by the illustrator’s design.

As an illustrator of coloring books, I feel so excited to bring a page into the world, wondering what the endless possibilities for coloring a page will be. I most prefer creating pages without a clear idea of what color should go where – a truly open canvas for any color to feel at home. My favorite part about creating pages is seeing what others do with the page – and hearing how it helped them unwind and de-stress after a difficult day.

I’m bringing healing and happiness to the world… one coloring page at a time!

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