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Circle Portraits Page 10: Gearkeeper

Gearkeeper is part of the Gearkeeper Steampunk Series

Mena is a Master Gearkeeper in Scarlet City’s Automoton Center, where she spends her days tinkering with the clockworks and repairing any issues that the Inspectors find. This is a full time job: over the milennia of inventions in the Center, some of the most ancient gearworks have degraded, rusted, and fallen into disuse. It’s the Gearkeeper’s job to repair the entropy of time and keep things running like clockwork – literally!

In her off hours, Mena enjoys having a good grog with the guys from the Pub. She also loves getting even more dirty in her lab at home, where she creates new inventions. She aspires to one day see one of her creative ideas nominated to the Automoton Center for everyone to enjoy and learn from. This honor is a very difficult thing to attain, and many Gearworkers spend their lives attempting to achieve it.

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