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Circle Portraits Page 11: Dragontamer

Dragontamer is part of the Gearkeeper Steampunk Series

Dragontamer Nella puts the punk in steampunk. When the baby hatchlings or dragon eggs are brought into the Scarlet City Hatchery from the Explorer team, it’s Nella the Master Dragon Tamer who creates a bond of trust with the young ones. Through the constant exposure of humanoids like Nella, the baby dragons grow up well loved like family in the Hatchery until their ability to fly. Then they are then released into the wild – where they were found – to rejoin the Dragon Tribe.

The hope for this program is to promote peace: over the decades since it started, dragon attacks have greatly reduced, and dragon slaying is down as well. Dragons who have spent time with tamers end up returning for snuggle visits even as full size dragons. It is also an opportunity for research and discovery about the habits of these otherwise elusive and dangerous creatures. Nella has a clear understanding that every small lovebite or accidental scratch is just a baby dragon being a dragon, and not an aggression at her personally. Luckily, she’s tough as claws and up for the task!

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