Circle Portraits Page 13: Watchmaker’s Wife

Wendy Whittle is the Watchmaker’s Wife, and is credited with the invention of the wristwatch.

One afternoon, new mother Wendy was struggling to get dinner ready on time. She needed to juggle her newborn baby, cooking, and keeping time! Her husband was bringing home company, and being a watchmaker, was always very punctual! Grumpy, she wished to herself that her pocket watch was requiring no hands to hold. The next day after the party (which was a smashing hit!) and after some pondering, Wendy requested that her husband construct her a small pocketwatch with a tiny winding crown and a place to thread her velvet bracelet through the back. Immediately he set to work, enjoying the challenge of miniaturizing all the parts necessary to keep time.

After the invention was ready to wear, Wendy utilized her new wristwatch everywhere she went, and was always a trendsetter and a very punctual lady. The invention, though credited to Wendy, made her husband Walter a pretty penny at his watch shop, and launched the Whittles into the Scarlet City history books.

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