Steamship Pirate Captain Emmelina

Circle Portraits Page 14: Steamship Pirate

Steamship Pirate Captain Emmelina is part of the Gearkeeper Steampunk Series

Legend tells that Scarlet City long ago had a rogue fleet of dissenting warriors that detached from the Royal Navy during the War of Colors, and since then, those ships have evolved into individual pirate ships with varying missions. Emmelina’s quest is personal: she’s on the hunt for her beloved Bloody Robert, the last Captain of the Garnet Gang of their pirate ship Garnet Galley.

When Robert was captured, she was promoted to Captain by a vote of the crew, one of the few Lady Captains in all the Seas. She is fierce and unforgiving to those who cross her or her crew, and fearless in her quest. Her firey temper comes from the pain in losing her best friend and would-be husband, if pirates bothered with such silly formalities as marriage.

While there is any chance that he still lives, Emmelina vows to sail the seas searching for him. And while the crew tags along on this adventure, they also tend to plunder unsuspecting ships to keep their bellies full and their pockets clinking with gold.

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