Sarae the Viridian Princess

Circle Portraits Page 6 – Princess Sarae of Viridia

Princess Sarae is part of the Viridian Jungle Fantasy Series

In the land of the Pthalo Jungle Kingdoms, in the misty tropical city fortress of Viridia, lives a mighty fierce but very kind princess named Sarae. She holds men at their word, seeks justice for the weak, and will one day rule as the finest queen of the kingdom. She may wear beautiful silks and gems, but she has the grit and strength of a tomboy, and most enjoys her horseback rides with the Viridian Knights. She’s said to inspire honor and respect to the men she rides with, and is a welcome figurehead in moments of battle.

Here she wears the gown and tiara of wisdom during her ceremony to be formally announced as princess on her 25th birthday. This ceremony denotes that she is ready for leadership after a grueling assessment of her judgement and skills. If she fails the Crowning Trials, her title as queen will be put up to a vote of candidates by the majority of those who pay taxes in the kingdom. This testing for fitness to rule and democratic replacement of rejects was put into place after the ancient king Yerda the Crazy, who became a tyrant after his 18th birthday and was forced to be overthrown by the Knights of Viridia after a much debated secret assembly to discuss the fate of the crazy King. Since the Trials, the kingdom has enjoyed relative stability for thousands of years.

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