Circle Portraits Page 7: Gemfae

Circle Portraits Page 7: Gemfae

Gemfae is part of the Viridian Jungle Fantasy Series

I introduce to you Gemma, a Natural Stone Fae (or Gemfae as they are known colloquially) coming into her prime as a craftswoman and growing her wings.

Here’s the natural development stages of a Gemfae: In birth, these fairies are born in a crystalline egg, and it takes years for them to break out, developing their magic within the strange but secure chrysalis of their birthplace. When they have developed their prowess enough, they can cast the spells necessary to set themselves free and proceed to the second phase of their journey.

Throughout adolescence, they are taught to seek out natural stones and harvest them without huge impact to the surrounding earth by traveling through the solid formations and strategically pluck the gem from the earth without a scar. Their education also includes learning to hone and craft their findings into beautiful loose stones and fine jewelry.

Some Gemfae develop to specialize in honorable harvesting, and some prefer the craftsmanship of polishing natural stones to a sparkle. Some prefer to set them in jewelry and some to hone fine swords and shields from the gifts of the earth. When their preference is decided and made known by the Gemfae elders, then they are given over to the process of transforming into their mature, final adult state as a fully fledged fae, complete with bird wings of any color and powerful magical abilities tuned to their goals.

To own one of these rare and devastatingly beautiful pieces of Gemfae jewelry imbues the owner with the magical ability to easily find natural gemstones, making them much renowned to treasure hunters and jewelry smiths across the eight lands.

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