Inspector's Apprentice Page 9 Circle Portraits

Circle Portraits Page 9: Inspector’s Apprentice

Inspector’s Apprentice is part of the Gearkeeper Steampunk Series

In the Steampunk world of Scarlet City lives Raena, a recent graduate of the Engineering Academy with a big dream to be the Head Inspector of the Automaton Center. Right now, she’s reporting for her first day as the Junior Inspector’s apprentice, and she’s got her shiny new Loupe headpiece polished and ready for lots of close observation.

As she steps into the Automaton Center, her eyes widen in wonder – all sorts of beautiful, functional mechanical sculptures fill the grand entrance with clattering, clinking, and the whizzing of gears. It’s an engineer’s dream come true – and what could be more miraculous than the excitement and thrill of the first day on your way to your dream job. She doesn’t have much time to stop and stare, however, lest she be late for her first day! There will be plenty of time to inspect the Center’s finest creations later.

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