Crystal Healer Adult Coloring Page Illustration

Crystal Healer Adult Coloring Page Illustration

When a close friend of mine began her journey as a crystal healer recently, I was so intrigued! I began drawing crystals to help her with her branding… and now I’m hooked on doodling them! Here’s more crystal practice…. turned into a bigger idea once I liked the shapes… and that evolved into a coloring page!

This is a fantasy character I call “Crystallyne”… and she embodies the spiritual insight and knowledge of crystals which every good healer must learn and embrace.

It’s true that I draw the biggest inspiration from what goes on around me with my life, friends, family… and this is no exception. My real life friend is a very talented and amazing lady, with a beautiful spirit, and I recommend if you’re interested in crystals to check her out:

Thank you my dear, longtime friend, for opening my eyes to the beauty of crystals and how fun they are to draw!!

Crystal Healer Adult Coloring Page Illustration

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