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Daisy Adult Coloring Page

I have so many dear friends on instagram, and so grateful for every one of you. Grazia holds a special place in my heart for her constant encouragement and support of my work. From the first moment we started talking, she was always telling me to keep going with my illustrations. Coming from an amazing artist such as her, it means so much to me. So, I took her advice and keep pushing to improve every day. I’m dedicating this page to her.

She is also a coloring book illustrator, and has a pure, beautiful heart and a drop-dead gorgeous style and theme that runs through many of her pages: flowers and strong women. While this theme is common enough in many coloring books, whenever I think of flowers and ladies, it is Grazia that comes immediately to my mind.

If you haven’t yet checked out her coloring books, you should head over to Grazia’s shop and get a book or three! I highly recommend all her pages! I personally own the book Flowers and Gems, of which this page is inspired, and adore coloring in it. Thank you dear, for all the beauty and kindness you put into the world, this is the best way I know how to thank you, with a tribute drawing.

Her Etsy shop is here.

I chose the daisy for this page because to me it is a happy, cheerful flower full of good energy, and this is how I feel when I color Grazia’s beautiful pages.

Daisy Adult Coloring Page - Inspired by Grazia Salvo

Coloring from the Community

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Daisy Colored by Beautifullight48 on instagram