Dragonfly Mermaid Adult Coloring Page

Dragofleurmaid Adult Coloring Page

When I discovered that dragonflies lay their eggs in water or on water flowers or plants… I thought… why not an amphibious dragonfly mermaid. I’ve redrawn this page a few times… and so glad I did, because I finally feel like I got the anatomy right.

Here she is looking after her newly laid nymph (egg) nestled for protection in a beautiful water lilly. Her wings are reinforced and strong, tensile like a dragonfly wing but waterproof like a fish fin – allowing her to dive deep below the water and “fly” through the freshwater pond in a flash – or leap from the water like a flying fish and take off into the air. She can hover, move backwards, and generally do all the cool maneuvers of a dragonfly. Her breathing system is much like a frog; she can suck down air through her lungs and hold it there for 4 to 7 hours, bringing oxygen in through her skin! Enough time for a deep, long swim.

Dragofleurmaid Adult Coloring Page by Laura Grace Rafferty of lauracolorstoo

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