Elven Magic Freebie

Hello dears!

This halloween, I’d like to give you a treat! Here’s a freebie page from my first coloring book, Bluebell Woods!
Elven Magic
Page 33. Elven Magic
Here’s a potion in the making with the aid of her ancestors. This elven sorceress lives on the edge of the dragon glen, and the early autumn season is the perfect time for casting her favorite spells. She’s adept at many magics, and those from all across Bluebell Woods come to her when in need… is she evil? good? What kind of enchantment is she creating? That’s for you to decide! Color it however you like!

Don’t forget to tag me and use #bluebellwoodscoloring so I can check out your work! I love to see what amazing creations you make!

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