Faecorn Growing Pains - Single Digital Download Adult Coloring Page PDF - Fairy Unicorn Adolescent Portrait

Faecorn Growing Pains Adult Coloring Page Illustration

In a secret glen of the emerald forest lives a rare fairy tribe with a mystical gift of shape change during puberty. Each fae is born a small, wingless sprite with magical abilities of all sorts. As the fairies mature, their unique qualities begin to emerge – usually during adolescence. Some grow tails, wings, hooves, and other anatomy changes. Many don’t change much at all. But only a rare faecorn will have the purity of heart and the magical prowess to develop a unicorn horn.

These beautiful horns shine brightly in the dark if desired, and a faecorn has the unique ability to speak with, and call upon, a unicorn. They develop a deep, beautiful bond with the unicorns, and are their ultimate champions and ambassadors in the fairy world.

Here is a beautiful faecorn blossoming into her powers – and her horn and wings – and there’s growing pains before she fully matures. Still, she knows it’s worth the pain – and so she quietly tolerates the transition with grace and humility befitting of her new title.

Here’s my coloring of this page below!
Faecorn Growing Pains - Adult Coloring Page Illustration - Fairy Unicorn

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