Jax the Snail and the Mushies

This is from my first coloring book, Bluebell Woods.

Every year as the bluebells open up, all creatures big and small rejoice and enjoy the wonder of the blooming time. Here we have Jax the snail pondering on the loveliness of a bluebell plant from his lofty perch on a tree fungus.

Coloring from the Community

Others in the community have colored this page too! Check them out below! To be featured here, please send me a link of your work or simply get in touch via my contact form. We’ll get you on here too! Click on the images below to be taken to the social media profile of the colorist! I want to see your work!

** A Special Note that Theresa (above) was the first to ever color my work besides myself and my family. Thanks Theresa! **