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Oh our dear friend Katrine. @alwayscoloring was so sweet to so many of us. A pillar… a legend.. a giant of the community. I am still having a hard time processing this loss. We became fast friends when I began coloring last summer… I was asking her a million silly questions on her livestreams… and eventually we got to chatting in DMs. She was one of the six colorists who got drawn for my first coloring book. She was shy about being drawn… but excited too. “You want to draw me?” I said yes, your face, your sweet face, is perfect for a mermaid.

I drew her holding up a giant gemstone… and looking back, she is that gem herself. She helped any who needed it, she willingly gave of herself so much to this community, and she loved… truly adored… coloring. She inspired in many a passion to learn, improve, and try new things. She was nothing short of incredible.

If she were here, she’d probably say something like, “Keep coloring, don’t stop! Don’t cry on that page!” but… I admit I’m having trouble picking up my coloring books right now. I keep thinking of her and my eyes can’t focus through the tears. But I did have some bravery to pick up my drawing pencil once more, and this time update, embellish, and detail her original drawing from the book.

And now, I want to make that page available for everyone to color, for free. There are many color alongs going around in her honor (which I think she would have loved to see), so I’ll just add my own #ColoringKatrine to the mix…

There’s no restrictions, no limited time… I’m offering this page for free because I know many of us heal through coloring – and this might be a way for some of us to pay tribute to her or work through their loss. I know that working on this drawing again really helped me. A way for me to commemorate her and pay homage. A way for me to remember those good times.

It was a true honor to know her, to call her a friend. The pain from this loss does not sting any less because we didn’t meet in person, but perhaps moreso, for all the things I wished I had said to her that I didn’t. But I’m glad she knew that I think she’s amazing, and her artwork and kind voice will live on in my memory. I will never pick up a white gel pen without thinking of you dear Katrine. May you rest in peace, beautiful lady.

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Katrine the Freshwater Mermaid Preview
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Honoring Katrine is not difficult, as there are so many out there she touched with her joy of coloring and her desire to share her knowledge with others. Please check out her social media pages to see more about the dear Katrine.

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