Michelle the Fairy Coloring Page

Michelle the Fairy is one of my favorite coloring book pages. This page is from my first book, Bluebell Woods.

Michelle is on her way back from the Mystical Palace of Light and Earth, having flown most of the previous night to deliver an urgent message to the King, she now walks to rest her wings. As she is enjoying the sunny day and dreaming what the clouds could be, she is met by a ladybug who tells her of a grand party – which she is dressed well enough for – just nearby this night! Does she go? I’m not sure – but it’s nice to be invited, right?

Michelle the Fairy - Bluebell Woods Coloring Book Page

Coloring from the Community

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This is Michelle’s self portrait coloring! Check out her profile on Instagram.

My Interpretation of this Page

Here’s my interpretation of this page, which I was able to send to Michelle along with her book!