Mother Reef

Mother Reef

Mother Reef Digital PaintingThis is a brand new painting, it has never been released before to the public.

I’m not sure why I’ve held off finishing this for so long, except to maybe worry about people thinking I’m trying to be too political.

But it’s distressing to me… the thought of our oceans being changed forever. I’m not trying to be political – I just care about what happens to our planet’s natural resources. To hear about them disappearing… it makes me feel lucky to live in a time when they are still here.

These feelings are bound to come out in my work… and I’m tired of hiding this one. So I finished it up today and here it is!

I’ve done this in my usual style – but there’s not much fantay about this. The message is all in Mother Reef’s face.

But of course, I hid something too… she also lurks in the reef.. can you spot her? Does it represent the future? What do you think?

The fun challenge for me in this painting is that I chose a tall and skinny canvas – a very unusual shape for me to work with. I enjoyed the challenge of trying to carry the composition through that long a space. I chose this shape to show depth – it’s just as much a perspective exercise for me as it is a challenge in painting underwaterscapes.

Artwork Details:

Medium: Digital Painting
Time: 27 hours
Tools: Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet, PSCS3
Substrate: Digital Canvas
Size: 24″ x 8″ @ 300 dpi max resolution

Detail of Mother Reef:

Mother Reef Details

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