Our Approach Infographic

Our Approach Infographic

This project started with Mike – but something wasn’t clicking, so the agency passed it to me.

Our Approach Infographic

My Infographical Insight

In this situation, the client had already been working with Mike on several rounds of edits on this graphic before it touched my desk. Mike’s last attempt (pictured below):


His work had established the words, the general idea, and the shape – but the client critique was that the graphic lacked flow. I tweaked and fleshed out the shapes. Luckily, the client loved my first attempt (the header image, above), and we just adjusted the colors to their request and wrapped up the project.

This graphic was produced to be used on tradeshow promos (coasters) and print pieces (newsletters), and is also available to download. I’m sure they’ll use other iterations of this graphic in the future as well.

I liked working on this project because I enjoy problem solving. I was presented with a half-done project that had stalled; and I pulled it out of the rut and set it back on course. I think this type of challenge keeps me on my toes in a way that makes me love designing in a team environment.

It’s proof too, that exchanging ideas and design files produces a stronger result than a single individual working in a vacuum does. Especially when someone is stuck! I was glad to be able to help Mike out.


Account Administration: Howard Greenberg
Initial Layout: Mike Spangler
Final Design and Layout: Laura Rafferty