Powerpoint Infographics

Powerpoint Infographics

Here was a nice infographics challenge this week: show the desired data provided in a much nicer way. I re-envisioned the graphic as a pie chart; which I felt showed a better representation of parts of a whole. The original bar charts felt confusing because it wasn’t illustrating growth – and so I felt that the format needed to be changed to be quicker to understand.

I used color to divide the graphic’s two sides – except for where the company’s brand is used; then I chose the alternate color to highlight their position.

The end result integrated nicely into the powerpoint and was much clearer than the original graphics provided to us. These were used in a powerpoint presentation; but could have just as easily been used in any other medium – I created them natively as vector graphics in illustrator.

Chart 1 Makeover Before/After

This first chart set the style theme and problem solving for both pages. While it took some wrangling to get everything right, I think the end result is worth it. Much clearer and easier to understand.

Infographics Chart 1 Before

Infographics Chart 1 After

Chart 2 Makeover Before/After

Here was a challenge: an extra data set and tiny pie slices … together! So I increased the main chart with the tiny slices – to help with fitting in the text. And to adjust for the larger chart, I made the other three much smaller to compensate. Even still, this composition is much tighter than the first.

Infographics Chart 2 Before

Infographics Chart 2 After


Account Administration: Gregg Whitlock
Infographic Design: Laura Rafferty