Fall Leaves Free Vector Illustration

Fall Leaves Free Vector Illustration

For the fall season, I wanted something more leafy on my homepage. So I drew these today – the first Fall Leaves Free Vector Illustration released on laurafolio.

Free Vector Stock Pack Download:

Get Your Fall Leaves Here

No need to credit if you use them. However, if you do have space or the inclination to link me – just link back here to this page so others might easily find this resource too. Or, if it’s credits you need, then my name (Laura Rafferty) works. The native .ai and alternative .eps files included are meant for use with such vector programs as Adobe Illustrator, but can be read in to raster programs like Photoshop via the PNGs I also saved out for your convenience. Enjoy!

Pack Includes:

  • Ash Fall Leaf
  • Flowering Dogwood Fall Leaf
  • Oak Fall Leaf
  • Beech Fall Leaf

CC License:

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Don’t just offer the same thing on your site as a download too – if you want to take any kind of credit for these, then dramatically change what I’ve done and make it your own first! Thanks for the respect.

If you have expanded on my work and are providing it free – please let my visitors know in the comments below so you can get visitors to your resource too!

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