Freckles Skin Study Digital Painting Walkthrough

I did this digital painting walkthrough to help others understand my process when painting extremely realistically. I don’t actually enjoy painting this way very much – but I did this as a study to better understand how people’s skin texture looks so I might better paint texture on all my paintings.

This tutorial enjoys a lot of views and over 500 favorites on its deviantart page, where it was first published on the web.

I’m republishing it here for my resources archives.

Part One

Freckles Skin Study Digital Painting Walkthrough

Part Two

Freckles Skin Study Digital Painting Walkthrough

The finished painting is here:
Freckles Skin Study Ultra Realistic Digital Painting

It was first published on deviantart, where it enjoys over 1,000 favorites.

The above is a painting of this photographic reference, meant as an exercise in skin texture only. It grew into the tutorial above after so many asked me how it was done.

I still use the techniques I learned while painting this painting to create some pretty nice textures (including “Pettin da Fish“) – I hope this walkthrough helps you too!