The Great Hike – Free Photoshop Brushes

People have asked me how I create foliage. Here is my secret to quick and effortless forests and leafy bits. I use many variations like these now in combination with unique scribbles, but these 8 were the start to my foliage brush collection. These brushes are what I used to create the foundation for “The Great Hike“.

Each brush was painted in black and white in PS, then converted to a brush. Then I messed with the settings on the brushes to get what you see here.

Brushes use tilt, pressure and so forth. If you do not have a tablet, these will not work as pictured.

These brushes already have over 47,000 downloads on the original deviantart submission. Wow! I’m glad they’re still useful today! That’s why I’m placing them in the archives of my resource center. I hope you enjoy them here, too.

Download Now

Please don’t repost on your own site without credit – instead, share a link back here so others can download at the source. This also helps the community – they can ask me questions directly if they need help.