Security Label Product Photography

Security Label Product Photography

I enjoy taking security label product photography. It might seem boring, but in reality, it’s a nice challenge. I like it because the photos fill an essential need for the client to visualize how their product will work to their customers. Usually, it requires quite a bit of photoshop work to get things just right. In this project, I was asked to depict how a security label can be hidden under a wine or alcohol label.

Above. Here’s the final version of the main cover sheet graphic.

I worked closely with the client, and had a few rounds of back and forth before we arrived at the final result. She asked for a variety of application methods to illustrate that the label can go on any part of the bottle. Her main goal was to show that it hides nicely under just about any store or product label.

Above. Here I’m showing the breakout: constructed of three separate photos collaged together.

I accomplished this project by taking all the product photos separately and putting it together in Photoshop. I did this because this client tends to reuse their photos later for other things. Having each bottle as a whole single photo will make it easier later when the collage gets broken up into pieces. Also, since some of their projects are more conceptual, it keeps costs low to just swap out or replace products that aren’t working if I work this way, instead of reshooting the whole arrangement for just one item change.

For the second arrangement (for the back of the sell sheet), she asked for a variety of smaller health and beauty products. This is to highlight how small and versatile the label is. After the photos were taken, I was also required to de-brand these packages for legal purposes. I changed the real brand names to fake names that Paul came up with, and modified the product packages so they are now free of any trademarked copy.



Account Administration: Gregg Whitlock
De-Branding Naming: Paul Roseman
Photography: Laura Rafferty
Photo Retouching: Laura Rafferty