Security Tag Infographics

Security Tag Infographics

This security tag manufacturer (a regular client of the agency) had a sheet which called for a few illustrations and infographics. I did these today on a tight turnaround.

Security Tag Infographic

Security Tag Illustration

Circle Infographic

I did the circle security tag infographic based on a provided existing graphic that looked dated. The color was overpowering. I went for a gray base to bring more attention to the red words in the infographic. The pops of blue balance the red. The gray works nicely with the other gray graphical treatments on the header/footer of the sheet template.

I used the same typeface as the headings on the sell sheet, to connect the graphic with the rest of the page too. The old arrow style got updated to a more modern, simpler shape and integrated with the circle for a more natural flow to the graphic.

Gregg made a great suggestion to add the gradient: the shapes were flat colors before his direction. I think the gradient gives it a nice movement. Perhaps the multi-tonal flat gray shapes are more modern, but for this application, the gradient makes more sense.

Tag Placement Illustration

For the box illustrations, the client asked to show placement for labels on different types of packages, and how packaging artists should design their boxes to accommodate a security tag.

I used different grays with accents of blue to retain the same look/feel as the other infographics on the same page.

For this simple graphic, it’s hand-drawn in illustrator with no references needed. To create the labels in perspective, I used a warp applied to the flat vector representation of a security label.

Another quick and easy job for me! But one that spruced up and provided a fresh take on the visuals of an old sell sheet for the client.


Account Administration: Gregg Whitlock
Design and Layout: Laura Rafferty
Illustration: Laura Rafferty