Architecture Paper Test Doodle

Sketch: Architecture Paper Test

Here’s a quick study I did while I worked at an art store; I did a lot of material tests for the company to see what products to carry. I did this quick paper test without a reference; and it shows!

Watercolor painting of an architectural detail of a window and some bricks

While I was beta testing this paper, I noticed the absorption and surface texture were far too irregular for consistent results – but the paper has a nice look because it’s handmade. Sometimes, the color wouldn’t sink into the paper – and instead, lay on top, puddling. I didn’t recommend it for the store to buy, knowing that some artists would be frustrated with it.

Difficult to work on, but beautiful if you get it right. This one turned out okay, so it’s getting filed in the archives.

Artwork Details:

Medium: Watercolor
Tools: Staedtler Mars Lumograph 2H pencil for sketching, Yarka Poured Pan Watercolor Set (24)
Substrate: Khadi Imperial 100lb rough paper
Size: 2″ x 3″
Status: Unknown, most likely given away as a gift