Steam Pixie

Steam Pixie Limited Time Freebie

I drew this page specifically for the #steampunkfreakout event hosted by Colour and Chat with Sammie. For more information, check out Sammie’s announcement video.

This freebie expires on November 10th at midnight EST (GMT -5), after that it will be available in my Etsy shop.

This Freebie is Expired. Find it in my Etsy Shop.

Copyright Notice

Do not share these uncolored PDF files with anyone else. You can direct them here if they want to download the page. Distributing my files without written permission is illegal under international copyright laws. Please respect the other artists as well!

Share Your Work!

Please DO feel free to share your partially or fully colored pages by using the hashtag #steampunkfreakout or tagging me and Sammie so we can see what you’ve done! I love every interpretation and would love to leave a comment!

The Story Behind the Drawing

In the depths of the Viridian Jungle is a small tribe of pygmy pixies no bigger than a breadbox whose inventive nature and jealousy of the winged Gemfae tribe nearby propelled them to create steam-powered wings!

This incredible invention helps them rapidly travel and cunningly escape any would-be jungle predators

The wings ingeniously suck the moisture from the thick, humid jungle air.. and turn it (with a bit of pixie dust) into pressurized steam so powerful, the expulsion from the wings unit causes a bit of rocket propulsion! Together with the rapid beat like a bumblebee, they allow this tiny tribe a fluidity of motion rivaling any naturally born winged wonder.