Submit Coloring Collaboration

Have you colored one of my designs? Cool! Submit your finished artwork here for me to feature on its respective page on my website. When the addition has been completed, you will get an email from me letting you know where to find it.

Submission Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I put a watermark with my name on the coloring page?
A: Yes! Please do if you want to. I have no issue with watermarks or crediting you on your coloring art.

Q: Will you do other things with my artwork?
A: Not without your permission! I have asked some people if I could include their coloring in future projects, but in those cases, I always get permission in writing every single time before I do anything with your work.

Q: Why do you do this? Isn’t it a lot of work?
A: I do this because I’m so thrilled to see what each colorist does with my illustrations. It’s one of my favorite things about creating coloring pages. I like to keep them here right on my website to look at, and a repository for others who might be interested in seeing how my pages are colored by others too. There’s nothing like seeing how someone else colored the same page if you’re stuck for inspiration, and since many colorists don’t even have a social media site for coloring, I wanted to provide anyone, no matter your skill level or social engagement, a way to share your coloring with us. I hope that going forward, it’s a way to create a community as well.

Q: How long will it take to go up?
A: I try to do it once a week, so please be patient with me as I work on the website. I do all the work for my site myself, and so I do it in batches for efficiency. Thanks for understanding!

Q: What if I don’t have a URL or link to a website or social media page?
A: Just put in that field and I’ll know you don’t have one. No problem! In this case, I’d recommend putting your name or signature on your coloring page so we know who did it!

Other Coloring Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the next book about?
A: Up on deck: Circle Portraits, Mermaids, Vintage Fashion, Steampunk and much more to come! The Circle Portraits book is set to be released in late fall 2018.

Q: Where can I buy your loose pages that aren’t in books?
A: Etsy! I have a digital download shop there where you can get all of my pages that are available in digital format. They are PDFs you can print on whatever paper you prefer.

Q: Why won’t you release more pages from your steampunk book on Etsy?
A: I’m not sure exactly how that book is getting published yet, so I don’t want to mess with it or show anyone what’s going on until a decision is reached. Thanks for understanding!

Q: Are you a professional artist?
A: I am, but I struggle to make enough to live on this way all the time, so I also am a full-time graphic designer and web developer as well. I do gallery shows, craft fairs, and in the past year, I’ve been very active on social media to promote my art career.

Q: What’s your favorite medium?
A: I’m a painter, I prefer acrylics the best, but I consider myself a true mixed media artist, enjoying dabbling in many media and mashing them together in some wild, sometimes failed, experiments.