Verdita the Flower Fairy Limited Time Free Download Coloring Page

Here we have a very special offer, for a very LIMITED TIME. Don’t wait, get Verdita the Flower Fairy now. This offer expires January 1st, 2018. This page is from my first book, Bluebell Woods.

Here’s Verdita the flower fairy specializing in helping promote blooming energy in plants. She uses her specialized magic to create extraordinary growth and flowering in the spring – helping small flowers grow strong for the rest of the year. She coaxes the plants with a special song that only those with chlorophyll can hear… and inspires any greenery into vigorous new life after the harsh winter.

Offer Expired

Verdita the Flower Fairy Free Download Limited Time Offer

Even though it is nearing Christmas right now, I still love the springtime, and love using bright, beautiful colors when the days are dark. I thought you might enjoy this springytime page for the same reasons I do!

Consider it my holiday gift to you, for coloring my work! I hope you enjoy!

Coloring from the Community

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