Barber Supply Website

Here’s the site on Launch Day:

The team at 321 got together and created an ecommerce WordPress site that is managed by the Bowman team. Several admins log in frequently and administer to orders via the backend of the website. They also add new products, new sales, and handle all payment authorization after initial setup.

I took the photoshop files from lead designer Mike Spangler and developed a user-friendly, customized child theme that is easy to maintain and update.

Amazingly, mere months after completion, the store had more than doubled gross weekly profits and exceeded set goals. This performance is attributed to the stellar design, and ease of use throughout the browsing, checkout, and payment process, and fresh content that keeps customers coming back for more.

View the live website. It has changed extensively and daily since we first launched, a testament to how easy it is for a non-coder/designer to use.

Account Administration: Howard Greenberg
Marketing Copy: Paul Roseman
Art Direction: Gregg Whitlock
Design: Mike Spangler
Production: Pam Dooley
WordPress Development: Laura Rafferty
Testing, Debugging and Deployment: Laura Rafferty
Maintenance and Backups: Laura Rafferty
Training and Templates: Laura Rafferty
All Future Content Creation & Production: Client

I also assisted them in setting up an accurate Google for Places account. The information was inaccurate, but I spotted the issue and brought it to the client’s attention so it could be resolved. Here’s the before/after google results: