Chemical Glove Selection Quiz Game

This quiz game project started because a very good client of the agency asked for a game. They had in mind exactly what they were after, and of course, they didn’t want to spend a lot of money to accomplish it.

Stay posted as this entry gets updated – we’re in the Beta phase of development.

The Request:

A local glove manufacturer wanted a quiz game that would ask the player a simple choice. What glove material shields against the chemical shown? The outcome database we created is derived from real-life research that was provided to us. Our task was to visualize the game for the client as they described it (a drag-and-drop action originally) and deliver a simple 2D interaction to use as a conversation starter at tradeshows and on salesman’s touch devices in the field.

The Assignment:

The guys at 321 looked at me with a questionmark in their eyes. When the more technical projects come in, I’m the one they look to. In this case, since it was a fairly limited scope and a small project, I thought it was possible to do the work entirely in-house.

I had always had an interest in games – playing and making them – and thought I could pull it off, even with no professional experience at it. When the scope of the specific game functions changed, I realized I could no longer accomplish the more complex backend development that the project required. It was this point where I made the recommendation that we outsource the project’s development to another company. Luckily, development hadn’t started yet.

Gregg found Spencer at Omne Solutions, and I had a great time working with him. He dealt with programming redirects, user interface changes, and a whole host of client requests throughout this project in a very easygoing way.


Concept One – The Corporate Brochure Flavor

In this concept, I chose to use their existing ad themes and styles for a more corporate interactive experience. I thought this approach would work particularly well alongside their print materials, which look very similar.

Glove Quiz Game Concept 1

Concept Two – The Simplistic Graphic Approach

In this concept, Mike had suggested a dunk tank. So I took icons of gloves that were already being used elsewhere in their print and web materials (see this page for an example of that).

I chose to do a prototype of this idea (before the client settled on a concept – so I kept it quick and basic – without a lot of fuss or time spent). This was a test to see if I could code the drag-and-drop functionality that the game would require (at that time).

Glove Selection Quiz Game Concept 2

Concept Three – The Painterly Look

So I went off the beaten path in my final idea and painted exactly what I visualized when the client described the game to us. When it comes to listening to what people want, I nailed it here: this was the concept that was ultimately chosen.

Glove Quiz Game Concept 3


Once the third concept was chosen, I went through a more detailed version of the storyboard. This phase took weeks and was a flurry of activity and messages between myself and the client’s team. Below, I’ll post the first storyboard concept, and the final outcome of those weeks of work.

Initial Glove Quiz Game Storyboard

Final Glove Quiz Game Storyboard

Live Game:

This is coming soon!

Translation Files:

As the beta testing winds down, and response from the game is very positive, the client asked us to create a storyboard that would prove useful for translators to translate the finished game. Here’s that document.

Game Translation Prep Work


Account Administration: Gregg Whitlock
Art Direction, Copywriting, Design, Art Asset Production: Laura Rafferty
Unity Development, Debugging, Deployment: Spencer Varadi of Omne Solutions