Chinatown Freebie Coloring Page

Here’s another perma-freebie for you guys for having such a wonderful time in this community! I’m almost at 3,000 followers on instagram, and I really appreciate each and every one of you!! Here’s a permanently free coloring page as a thank you… it doesn’t go in a theme of a book, but rather a sketch of a place I know rather well. Sometimes these things just come from me without any thought. This one seemed to get some interest, so I thought to offer you the Chinatown Freebie Coloring page. This is partly redrawn from the original to clean up the lines and make it easier to color. I hope you enjoy! As always, I want to see your coloring!!

Download the lineart now!

Chinatown Freebie Coloring Page Preview
A preview of the lineart is above! Warning: For those who have visual impairments, some of this image is drawn in pencil and may be difficult to see. If you have trouble, let me know, and I’ll help you out with a darker version via email. Thanks!

Coloring from the Community

The coloring community is amazing! Click on the images below to be taken to the social media profile or website of the colorist. Have you colored this page too? Submit Your Coloring!

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For your inspiration..

Chinatown Freebie Coloring Page Halfway colored by artist Laura Rafferty
My own start, acrylic, watercolor and marker on matteboard.