Circle Portraits Cover Art

Circle Portraits Cover Art

The beautiful cover art is a collaborative effort. Maria Pain colored several of my Etsy pages before they were offered as a book, and when I saw she did collaborations of my circle portraits, I asked her if she’d like to be featured on the cover of my book. Happily, she accepted and so here we are! I’m pleased she’s a fan of my work, as I’m a fan of hers – and I believe we make great art together! It’s an honor to showcase her beautiful work.

Circle Portraits Coloring Book front cover
Front cover designed by Laura with Coloring by Maria Pain
Circle Portraits Coloring Book back cover
Back cover designed by Laura Rafferty, Coloring Collaborations by Maria Pain

I hope her skilled, masterful touch sparks inspiration in you – but remember – there’s no right or wrong way to color my book! So have at it, dig in and have some fun. The main thing I care about with any coloring experience is just to enjoy, unwind, and express yourself.

Thank you dear Maria for your beautiful interpretations, and for allowing me to show your work off on the cover of the book.
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