Circle Portraits Page 3 Shelly and Myrtle

Circle Portraits Page 3: Shelly and Myrtle

Shelly and Myrtle is part of the Viridian Jungle Fantasy Series

This drawing is the first one drawn for Circle Portraits, before it was a book! Many of my drawings are inspired by real things witnessed in my life. One strange day, I saw a woman with a strange hairdo that sort of reminded me of Princess Leia (nerd alert), and also sort of reminded me of a snail shell. So when I got home, I doodled a surreal interpretation of my inspiration and encircled her in an art nouveau style frame, and voila! The first drawing of Circle Portraits was born.

I call her Shelly, and she hangs out with Myrtle the turtle ever since they were hatched. Have I mentioned I’m weird?

Coloring from the Community

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Shelly by Lousycolorist
Shelly by Myrtle

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