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Circle Portraits Page Index

Each page that follows has a short story associated with the character, which you can read on the individual pages linked below. Also on each individual page are collaborations from the community if available.

Cover Art and Title Page

Circle Portraits Cover ArtRead about the Cover Art >>

Circle Portraits Title PageRead about the Title Page >>

Part One: Viridian Jungle Fantasy Series

Here’s a magical new storyline I’ve created about a fantasy culture of dark skinned kingdoms in a wondrous jungle. Inspired in part by african culture, part renaissance classical fairytale, and part my own fun and wild imaginings, this will begin a small series of circle portraits featuring beautiful black men, women and children depicted as the lead in fantasy tales: princesses and princes. Color these however you like, and make up your own stories about these characters too! Or take my stories as inspiration for your own interpretation! The decision is yours!


Crystal Healer CrystallyneRead about Page 1. Crystal Healer Crystallyne >>

Circle Portraits Page 2 - Princess EmeraldRead about Page 2. Princess Emerald >>

Circle Portraits Page 3 Shelly and MyrtleRead about Page 3. Shelly and Myrtle >>

Circle Portraits Page 4: Stag SpriteRead about Page 4. Stag Sprite >>

Circle Portraits Page 5 FaecornRead about Page 5. Faecorn >>

Circle Portraits Page 6 Sarae the Viridian Princess Read about Page 6. Princess Sarae of Viridia >>

Circle Portraits Page 7 gemfae Read about Page 7. Gemfae >>

Circle Portraits Page 8 Jomo Read about Page 8. Prince Jomo and Spot the Flutterfant >>

Part Two: Gearkeeper Series

Part two consists of characters from the steampunk realm adjacent to the Viridian Jungle called the Ruby Desert. They are tinkerers, gearkeepers, and punky people of all sorts. Many come from the technically advanced capital of Scarlet City, which is steeped in culture and tradition. Some distance from the Viridian Jungle, nonetheless there is quite some crossover – and you’ll see the Scarlet City residents wandering into the rich and mystical Jungle and the Jungle residents finding their way to Scarlet City to trade their luxurious items.

Page 9. Inspector’s Apprentice

Page 10. Gearkeeper

Page 11. Dragontamer

Page 12. The Pilot’s Son

Page 13. The Watchmaker’s Wife

Page 14. Steamship Pirate

Page 15. Scarlet Spy Benjamin

Page 16. Steam Queen Rose

Page 17. Etta the Explorer

Page 18. The Professor

Part Three: Myths and Legends Series

Mythology and ancient stories have always held a big fascination for me. Here I pay tribute to well known and lesser known characters from myths, fables and living legends originating from cultures around the world.

Page 19. Greek Goddess Athena

Page 20. Celtic Goddess Brigid

Page 21. The Mayan Legend of the Sun and Moon

Page 22. Chinese Legend Qin Liangyu

Page 23. Norse God Baldur

Page 24. Hawaiian Goddess Poli Ľahu

Page 25. Mother Earth

Part Four: Merfolk Series

Part four swims in the depths as a selection of merfolk from around the world dive into the pages of this book. You’ve got Mermaid princes and adventurous explorers, and young guppies all present in this section. Scales, bubbles, fish and fins can all be found here.

Page 26. The Tropical Treaty

Page 27. Waterbabies of the China Sea

Page 28. Amazonian Freshwater Iara

Page 29. Jilly the Jackfish Protector

Page 30. Waterbabies of the Carribean Sea

Page 31. Seacorn Sorceress

Page 32. Mermaid Explorer Aquata

Part Five: Modern Day Series

Sometimes a dose of sunny reality is all you need. Here I present a selection of modern day faces for your colouring fun. I chose to depict scenes of positivity, love and happiness to bring you a bit of sunshine, even on a cloudy day. Practice modern style dress and hairstyles and enjoy both the young and old portraits in this section.

Page 33. Springtime with Kitty

Page 34. Daisy

Page 35. Best Friends

Page 36. Reading Takes You Places

Page 37. Love that Lasts a Lifetime

Page 38. World Traveler

Page 39. The Bug Catchers

Page 40. Coloring is Magic

Practice Pages

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a portrait newbie, it’s always nice to have a space to try things out and experiment, play with ideas. Here’s some bits of faces and some full mini circle portraits for your practicing pleasure! These two pages are the only two double-sided pages, done this way for economy and to fit the 42 page limit.

Page 41. Face Elements

Page 42. Mini Circle Portraits