Label Manufacturer Website

Label Manufacturer Website

This client came to us with an existing old website that needed an overhaul of the design and content. I approached the project with a content-first strategy; reorganizing the site into a brand new sitemap which helped usability by clearly defining which pages were educational/informational, and those that were selling a product. Then, Paul rewrote the entire website, adding new content from other materials we produced for them (a new powerpoint presentation and brochure).

After the content was better organized and easier to understand, we presented mockups – which they loved with minimal tweaking. Once the mockups were approved, I developed and produced the site. The PDF downloads were produced by Pam and added as they were completed.

Account Administration: Howard Greenberg
Design and Layout: Laura Rafferty
Copywriting: Paul Roseman
Theme Development: Laura Rafferty
Production, Testing, Debugging and Deployment: Laura Rafferty
SEO and Redirection: Laura Rafferty
PDF Production: Pamela Dooley
Product and Location Photography: Laura Rafferty

Check out the site before we redid it in these screenshots below. The site was not responsive (fixed-width), not mobile or touch-friendly, and difficult to update for the Brandywine crew.

And here’s the new website on launch day in screenshots below. This is a full-width responsive, touch-friendly, eCommerce-ready, easy to update WordPress site.