Reading Takes You Places Coloring Page Illustration by Laura Grace Rafferty Artist

Reading Takes You Places Coloring Illustration

I’ve been friends with miss Emma for almost as long as I’ve been on Instagram, and she recently has been suffering badly through her chronic illnesses. I decided to draw this coloring page for her as a gift to cheer her up. It combines two of her favorite things: Reading, and Giraffes. I love to read as well.. I love how it takes you somewhere new and different… and teaches you so much about fact and fantasy.

Emma is over on instagram! Go shower her with some love, she can use a boost of spirit!
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It’s easy to stop a moment and be kind to those you care about… just think about a little thing you can do for them that might mean a whole lot. That’s all I wanted to accomplish with this page.. is to make Emma smile. This one goes out to all those who love to read, and those who love to share their world by writing. It’s dedicated to Emma, for teaching me what strength of spirit can really be. Keep on going! We love you.

I referenced this stock photo while drawing the giraffes … first serious attempt at these doods.

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Reading Takes You Places Coloring Book Page Illustration

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