Seacorn Sorceress

Seacorn Sorceress Adult Coloring Page

“Seacorn Sorceress”

In the shallows of the tropics lives a tiny but powerful mermaid sorceress. She draws upon the delicate strength of the Seacorn, a rare magical seahorse unicorn, to perform her protective magic around the reefs to prevent coral bleaching and pollution from wiping out her mermaid family and her friends the Seacorns. She does this with a combination of powerful magic and elbow grease: she buries the pollution to prevent sea life from getting trapped, and cleans and purifies and gently maintains the water surrounding her pod and the Seacorn kingdom with her magical spells. In this way, the Seacorn might escape extinction with her gentle help.

Thanks to my dear friend @coloringmaja on instagram for helping me name the Seacorn! Always love chatting with you dear!

Seacorn Sorceress Single Adult Coloring Page

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