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Silly Dood Sketch

Here’s an old favorite of mine. Silly Dood Sketch came about because of a dream I had about monsters that steal my socks (I was suffering from a bad case of single sock syndrome at the time). I drew it while I was tipsy at the bar on my birthday, so it’s messier than usual. Still fun though!

It’s being used as the doodle for my 404 page at the moment.

laurafolio - sillydoodsketch by Laura Grace Rafferty

Artwork Details:
Medium: Pen and Ink
Time: About a half hour
Tools: Ballpoint, Pencil, Micron Pigma .03, Micron Pigma .005
Substrate: Sketchbook Paper
Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″
First published on my deviantART account.