Spirit of the Fox Adult Coloring Page

My experience this morning sparked a story in my mind that I felt must be drawn. While on my way to the park to take a walk with my friend early this morning, a Fox crossed the road in front of my car. I managed to stomp on the brakes in time and avoided hitting it. It was so unusual – Fox are not common in my area, and I was stunned at its grace and beauty as it leapt into the forest.

Continuing my amazing morning was a lovely walk with my dear friend. On finishing our walk, we saw the strangest lady, at so early in the morning, it seemed odd that she wore a beautiful vintage hat, an old looking jacket, and a flowy skirt. She was alone walking the park, and it seemed we stepped into another time.

After such an experience, I cooked up a wild story on my way home:

Rose was not used to being outside – cruelly restricted to her home to do “womanly” things, but one morning, she felt fed up and suffocated and decided to go on a walk on the path that led through the woods. She journeyed far and came through the woods to a beautiful hilly vista with mountains in the distance. As she emerged from the woods, her spirit friend the Fox, who had guided her from her childhood home undetected, followed her into the meadow to protect and guide her on her new journey in freedom.

Spirit of the Fox Adult Coloring Page

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