The Mystical Palace of Light and Earth

Nearby the river is a beautiful palace nestled in the hilly clearing on the outskirts of the woods. Here, in this sunny, beautiful place in the south, the mushrooms grow large and are able to house full generations of fairy families. Enshrouded by magical enchantments that only let those pure of heart nearby (and turns all others round in circles for hours and back the way they came) – is a magical palace built of wood, twigs, earthen bricks, and acorns. And nestled right up against it is also a castle made of light-reflecting crystals and gemstones. This is to suit the earthen-bound fae King Prussi of the Acorn palace, and the Crystal-powered Queen Wasan of the Crystal palace. Together, they rule the Bluebell Woods with fairness and kindess, keeping in mind tolerance for all of the Woods’ creatures, big and small.

This is the nineteenth coloring page from my first coloring book, Bluebell Woods.

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Mystical Palace of Light and Earth Coloring by and_dionisio colorist