Wishes Can Start Small

For this piece, I had a definite idea in mind: that big wishes can start small. Thanks to Brennen for creating a poem for me to accompany this piece! I only gave him a theme – wishes, new beginnings – and this is his beautiful interpretation of the mood – which I think compliments the piece well, without trying to match:

From the middle of the night
and the clock rung mid—
I heard the tower overhead:
The Girl, The Girl is Free!
– Brennen aka =brennennn on deviantART

Wishes Can Start Small on laurafolio by Laura Grace Rafferty

Artwork Details:

Medium: Digital
Time: 63 hours
Tools: Wacom Intuos 3 8″ x 10″ tablet, Adobe Photoshop
Size: 1024 x 583 px
Too Organized: 245 Layers, 34 folders.
Reference: Sugar World 2

This piece won a daily deviation award on the deviantART post:

This one was one of my only pixel art paintings, mostly because the zooming in and out process drove me nuts. I painted each pixel of the foreground very carefully, one by one, for such a small size piece to be so detailed.