Working With Me

Current Work Experience

I’m a freelance frontend web developer, graphic designer, and color consultant. My favorite part is being able to focus my skills on the tasks I genuinely enjoy doing. I love working with clients to create websites and apps which not only work well, but look great doing it!

My goal as a developer is to become the best styling guru I can be: by learning more advanced CSS techniques like animations, and teaching myself more javascript, jquery, and angular tricks. I’m also honing and sharpening my design, analytics, and user experience skills as well, which is equally exciting to me.

You can also look at my CodePen pens, which I’ll begin posting there as I come up with something awesome I’d like to share.

Previous Work Experience

My last corporate job was at Brio Solutions, where I was their lead graphic designer and frontend web developer. I created beautiful, functional code which delighted clients. I also designed for UX, and did many user experience and analytics tasks, some marketing, and even t-shirt design and graphics! It was a wonderful job, my favorite part was working with a team of really fun, excellent coworkers who pushed me to learn and improve.

I also worked at 321 Creative, Inc as a photographer, designer and web developer from October of 2012 to November of 2016. I enjoyed many aspects of that job, especially the variety of projects, constant need for self-education and the relationships I nurtured over the years with the clients.

In the far distant past, I worked as a Creative Staff member at deviantART in my professional artist days. There, I designed and developed company public announcements and newsletters, designed UX elements and icons, designed tee shirts, and did flash animation ads (when those were more popular). It was a fun job and I still participate in the community on my own personal deviantArt page as “mynti“.


I like to give back to my community by volunteering for projects based on my personal interests. It helps keep me grounded and provides me with additional outlets for professional and personal work. Here’s my favorite projects so far:

Bluebell Woods Profits Donation December 2017

Donating all proceeds from kickstarter campaign to charity Donating Books to Women in Transition in Philadelphia, PA

It was an amazing experience to donate all proceeds from my first coloring book kickstarter campaign to charity! 10 books and a pile of art supplies were delivered to Women in Transition, an amazing non profit located in center city Philadelphia. Thank you also to everyone who pledged to the kickstarter campagin – without you, this day would not be possible. Today I was humbled, spreading love and joy through art to those who can really use the art therapy! Thank you, Irene from Women in Transition for arranging this meeting today with me!

WordCamp US 2015

WCUS-Site-Badge-VolunteerScreen Shot 2015-11-13 at 11.38.41 AM

At WordCamp, I helped by being a room manager during the presentations. This involved making sure the speakers were there, present, and that everything was working and running smoothly. It was a fun job and allowed me the opportunity to meet some of the movers and shakers in the WordPress community. Participating and attending in this event was inspiring, educational, exciting, and exhausting. I look forward to next year!

Mural for the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County

The look on some of the kid’s faces when we installed the mural was incredible. Here’s a photo of myself and Christina (far lower right) with the Board on the day it was being installed:

It was designed by Christina Conti, who initiated the project at the Trattoria San Nicola in Paoli and provided the intial canvas and materials to get started. The mural originally began as a group project, with several dozen individuals working on it over the course of one 8 hour period. I stayed throughout the day and realized the mural needed much, much more work.

Being inspired by the cause and Christina’s passion for the project, I volunteered to take it home and complete it with my own materials over the span of 3 months. It measures 12′ x 12′ and has 125 symbols and words hidden within it as a game for the kids. Here’s a photo of the day it was celebrated with a party at the San Nicola:
Above. Kim Cooley, Emily Rafferty, Laura Rafferty, Mark DeLuca, Christina Conti in front of the mural at the Trattoria San Nicola in Paoli.

Teaching Workshops and Private Classes

I enjoy teaching others how to love art in new ways. I’ve held workshops, which are fun, but a lot of work to prepare for. I’ve also taught private classes, which I really enjoyed doing.

Workshops and Demos

My favorite workshop was held at Merion Art and Repro in Ardmore, PA. There, I taught my own newly-learned skills: encaustic wax painting. I had only a few months experience with the medium before teaching the workshop – but it was clear that I had lots of good information to offer. The demo went really well and I was able to answer all the questions asked.


Private Classes

I love teaching private classes in small groups and one-on-one. These have been enriching, rewarding, and challenging. Each time, it’s been a privilege – and a humbling experience – to remember my roots and how I started out.

My goal with any student is to aid in enjoyment of draftsmanship skill building and to help through frustrations and stumbling blocks. It wasn’t easy for me as a kid learning art – even though I had good teachers, for a long time, I felt a little lost.

To counter that “lost” feeling – I determine the individual’s unique goals and stylistic tendencies, and then apply my lessons towards that end. I believe this helps an artist feel “found”: letting their own artistic vision guide my lesson plans means that the student is learning exactly what they want to learn – and establishes a confidence that general art lessons can’t give.

For each class, I take the time to prepare my own handouts and reference guides with my own writing and drawings. I do this for many reasons. I feel that this gets me in the perfect mindset to teach what I’ve just relearned, because it’s fresh in my mind. My lessons directly connect with my papers and reinforce the key parts of the class. Each student has different needs – this personal touch is important to me: art is a personal journey and differs for each individual artist.

Teaching Handouts

I have found teaching to be rewarding for me as a lifelong student too! Each subject I cover, I learn more just by speaking out loud how it’s done. It internalizes the process for me in a way that just doing never does.

I am so thankful and lucky for such wonderful students, especially dear Sarae, who was my single longest private student.